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Kennedy Adams Dewey

Step 2: Select Workbench Tabletop

Standard Laminate Workbench
Cleanroom Laminate Workbench
ESD Workbench
Resin Workbench
Stainless Workbench

Step 3: Workbench Information

Select Depth

24" 30" 36"

Select Width

48" 60" 72"

Step 4: Select Workbench Accessory Kit

Complete Kit
Riser Kit
No Kit

ESD Accessories

Multi-Mount Continuous Monitor
Ground Hub Monitor(Requires Power Strip)
Bench Mount Ground
Ionizer, Overhaead, 3-Fan, Chargebuster
Ionizer,Overhead,Chargebuster 24In, 2-Fan
Chargebuster Overhead Ionizer w/Lights, 2-Fan
Chargebuster Overhead Ionizer w/Lights, 3-Fan
No Overhead Ionizer

Step 5: Select Workbench Accessories

4 Front Frame Power Outlet
8 Front Frame Power Outlet
No Power Outlet
36" High Upright Post
48" High Upright Post
36" High Upright Post with Power
48" High Upright Post with Power
No Upright Post
CPU holder
Keyboard tray
8 Outlet Power Strip
No Riser
Overhead Light
Top Shelf
Top Shelf w/built-in LED Light
No Top Shelf
Bottom Shelf

Step 6: Select Workbench Drawers by Height

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